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Inspiration and hope should be a part of your event's message.

I regularly deliver inspiring messages on depression, turning your pain into your purpose, grace and women’s self-image challenges. I conduct workshops, classes, and training sessions and often speak at retreats and other events.

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Is mental illness part of your      wellness program?

 If not, you are missing out on increased productivity, decreased absenteeism and the opportunity to assist many in your workforce who are affected by mental illness on a daily basis.

Our workplace mental health workshops are designed to assist businesses to reduce the impact of mental health issues in the workplace. The aim of our program is to enable you to identify and respond to mental health issues in the workplace and provide strategies that reduce the impact of mental illness.

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        It's time to end stigma within             the church. 

Unfortunately, the place where those suffering from mental illness should find the most open arms and acceptance is often the most stigma-filled place. The church, in general has done a very poor job at ministering to the mental health community. 

Our training will give you the education, tools and guidance you need to minister to the mental ill community. 

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