The D Diary

Through a very raw and personal voice, I paint a picture of the devastating affects depression has weaved through her family tree.

The purpose of the book is to draw upon practical and proven methods to achieve a life without depression, learn to use the tools God has given to live with depression, and give insight for helping those with depression.

Throughout the book I draw upon my own experiences with this disease and illustrate how all things are possible if you believe and allow God to lead you.

Whether you suffer from depression, need help through a rough time or simply find comfort through the encouraging words you will find hope in this book. And, don’t we all need a little hope!

I hope you’ll walk away with tools, goals and a world full of possibilities rooted in the word of God, enabling you to live the happy life He intended for you. 


Claim Your Crown

Are you ready? Hop on board for an amazing journey of truth. There are no pit stops or detours. We have only one destination.This train is going straightforward to your dreams and your purpose. On this ride you will learn you have everything you need to make these dreams come true.

You will learn you have a purpose given to you by God only you can fulfill. On this quest you will meet some interesting ladies and they will help open your eyes to God’s possibilities and power.

You will learn you already have everything you need to fulfill these dreams and your purpose. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done in the past. It doesn’t matter if your past is full of wonderful memories or guilt and shame.

God made a crown for you and it’s time to claim it.


You, Me & Eve

Eve transcends womanhood in the most intimate of ways. Find out how much you can learn about being a true woman from the original and first woman, Eve.

Have you ever thought that Eve was the first mother?

She never went out on a date. She was instantly married!

Eve was the first woman to question her self-worth.

Surely there are pearls of wisdom within Eve’s story women can apply to their lives, even today.

The invitation is open! Learn the lessons with me as we explore the true Eve, the Eve of many roles, and the Eve of many firsts.



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