You will be blessed by Jana’s testimony as she shares of the journey God has her entire family on. She speaks with transparency which fosters a connection to those hearing her words. She cultivates an attitude of positive self worth as she inspires others to embrace who God made them to be. Janee McAtee, Peace Chapel Assembly of God


Jana came to our women's retreat and uplifted us all. There were sad tears and happy tears, but at the end of the session there was nothing but smiles. Her story touch many women during the retreat, allowing them to realize they are not alone and bearing similar burdens. She gave hope and courage that there is an end to every storm. It was a very inspirational session and I would all highly recommend hearing her speak. Kelbey Bowles, Event Coordinator, Liberty Baptist Church


“I have known Jana for nearly 15 years as a co-worker and a friend. It is without a doubt that when I first met Jana I knew she was destined for greater things. She is blessed with unbelievable talent. When sharing her message, her priority is always her compassionate love for Christ and His people. I am confident she came into my life for a reason for which I owe thanks beyond measure. Jana is one of the hardest working individuals I know and she will work hard for you. I look to her for inspiration and truth not only when times are uncertain, but in everything I say and do. She is a blessing to everyone who meets her. You can count on Jana. I did, and I do!” Rhonda Moehlenhoff, Overland Park, Kansas


“Jana is a delightful soul…creative...unbound energy…upbeat, gracious, and charming. Her writing and her journey she shares…to help others…a courageous woman and role model for all that come across her path…. She spoke to our group and was awe inspiring….our ladies were impressed with her style and her openness as well as her beliefs…. I am so very glad that our paths have crossed…..” Jerri Loveland, Springfield, Missouri


“I recently met Jana and I have been thoroughly impressed by her faith and dedication. I recommend this lovely young person as an inspirational speaker or writer, who would be willing to support any like-minded functions. Someone with her passion would be an asset to your events. Check out her web pages and read some of her posts and watch her video and you will see what I mean.” Raven Price, Christian Author & Speaker


"Jana's presentation while bringing tears to many eyes was uplifting and encouraging.  I applaud you for having the courage and grace to share your story. Ladies gave you rave reviews! Thank you so much for being a blessing to the ladies at FBC Brookline."  Charlotte West, FBC Brookline



“The D Diary” Endorsement by Brenda McClain, Public Relations Professional It is with great pleasure I recommend Jana Letterman, her book “The D Diary” and her site  In one swoop she is both student and teacher.  Her life lessons become yours and for those battling with depression, brings great relief.  Those embracing her journey no longer must suffer alone. Because we cannot see depression, most suffer in silence.

 Eighty percent of those suffering do not seek treatment.  THIS is exactly why a personal journey like Jana Letterman’s is so important to tell, and make available to those suffering depression.   Through Jana’s journey, those who suffer depression know they are not alone. What a gift Jana brings to all through her very real words. I am privileged to have watched her journey and know,without a doubt she is brave beyond words. 

About Brenda: Brenda McClain doesn’t brag about herself or her accomplishments, she puts the spotlight on her clients. Her Nashville, Tennessee-based boutique public relations company, MPR, designed and implemented national publicity campaigns for Warner Bros. Network, Gaither Music, TNN among others. Instead of seeking applause for herself, Brenda created Applause, an audience-seating business for television and film productions; her clients included Dick Clark Company, The Nashville Network and Disney. 

She established Still Talking, LLC to house many projects including her beloved work as Special Projects Director for Hoffman Media, LLC. For Hoffman she primarily works to create significant home designs for their publications’ millions of readers. She is also using her public relations, branding, product placement and social media expertise with Queenslander Tours and Brenda’s base is her home office in a small town in Arkansas. To find out more about Brenda and her amazing talents visit her at:


“The D Diary” Endorsement by Dan Knight, Minister of Adult Discipleship at Overland Park Church of Christ and the Author of Grace Gifts. The D Diary is a perfect blend of what people need to read who suffer from depression and what people need to read and understand who have a loved one battling depression. Jana also manages to blend a very personal and unique autobiographical account with words of wisdom and encouragement for people who have “been there” and need to know that there is hope.

She also mixes very smoothly the stories of other people as they touched her story, but at the same time she refuses to cast blame or shame on any of them. I feel that this is an important book for others who have had tragedies (even long hidden ones) in former generations of their family and are having trouble making sense of inherent but inexplicable sadness. Jana’s book calls us to ask the questions, “Why am I the way I am? Where do these feelings come from? Is there any hope for me?” This is a strong and insightful work worthy of the effort it might take to travel emotionally through it. 

About Dan: Dan has been involved in full-time ministry since 1972, when he and Vickie moved to Ecuador, South America. They lived there for eleven years, and their three children (Dennis, Dan & Gini) were born there. In 1983, the Knights moved to Los Angeles and established a Spanish-speaking church plant in downtown LA. They also worked for the Culver-Palms Church in West L.A. until 1993.

Dan and Vickie have been at Overland Park since August 1993, and have been blessed with six grandchildren (with one on the way). Dan has the ministries at OPCC in small groups, LINKS, outreach and evangelism, adult education, and getting people connected to our congregation. Recently, he completed his Masters of Divinity degree through Pepperdine University.

Dan has also authored Grace Gifts, a book about one’s spiritual gifts and how they indicate one’s calling from God. Dan’s personal mission statement is to accept people wherever they are in life and lead them to accept what God wants them to be. Dan & Vickie love to travel, love to read, and love their kids and grandkids. We welcome you to the Overland Park Church of Christ.


“The D Diary” Endorsement by Tim McNeese, Professor – York College & Author

Jana has transferred her life experiences onto the written page and invites her readers to share her family’s past and the spiritual journey she has taken, both at the side of that family, and, sometimes, in spite of it.  She has taken the skeletons from the closet, put flesh on the bone, and woven a narrative that includes her past as well as her present, measuring her spirit-led walk in specific steps that include psychological insight and spiritual growth.  Jana has poured heart and soul into her book until it reaches the brim to overflowing.  She has shared herself and her insights here, and each reader will find blessings in her story.

About Tim: Tim McNeese is an associate professor of history at York College in York, Nebraska, where he has been teaching for more than 15 years. McNeese earned an associate’s degree from York College, a B.A. in history and political science from Harding University, and an M.A. in history from Southern Missouri University. He has published 100 books and educational materials over the past 20 years, on everything from Picasso to landmark Supreme Court decisions. His writing has earned him a citation in the library reference work Contemporary Authors.